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Palace Withdraw Mackay Offer Over Cardiff’s Legal Action

What a difference 24 hours makes. Yesterday morning, Crystal Palace fans everywhere scanned the internet for the official announcement that Malky Mackay was the club’s new manager; now, those plans lay in tatters, and rightly so.

When news of the club’s U-turn over their decision to appoint Mackay first broke, the reaction was one of predictable dismay. With time in short supply, the board had seemingly pulled the plug on a deal that looked all but done, leaving the fans in the dark as to our next move and maddened by a perceived lack of professionalism. Little were we all to know the extent of the reasons behind Palace’s sudden change of heart.

Following on from stories of a breakdown in communication between Mackay and the owners, came rumours of minor disagreements over the terms of the Scot’s potential contract, but later that evening, the real reasons were to emerge, thanks to this extensive article in the Daily Mail.

The piece documents a catalogue of wrongdoing dating back months, attached to both Malky Mackay and Iain Moody. A series of text messages and emails containing homophobic, racial and sexual slurs appear, alongside reports of “agents fees” that had mysteriously been included in deals done by Cardiff during the time that the pair held roles at the club.

With Palace thought to have been on the verge of appointing Mackay, the reason for their sudden about turn now seems blindingly obvious with the inevitable investigation into the duo’s prior conduct sure to have impacted heavily on the club, had we given Mackay the job officially.

There are now rumours circulating that as well as withdrawing our offer to Mackay completely, we will also relieve Moody of his duties, as the board look to distance themselves from the affair altogether.

Although there was a sense of widespread anger and frustration spreading across our fan base on Wednesday afternoon, it must be said that the club have undoubtedly made the right decision in pulling the plug on both men before things potentially get ridiculously out of hand.

Quite where it will all end is anyone’s guess, but given the fluid nature of the story, it seems fairly obvious to say that we’re unlikely to have heard the last of Mackay, Moody, Vincent Tan or Cardiff City in relation to our football club.

It may not have felt like it yesterday afternoon, but we appear to have dodged an entire artillery cupboard of bullets by changing our minds at the final moment. The alternative is an almost unbearable thought.

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Palace Fined £25,000 After “Spying” On Cardiff City

Following an official complaint to the Premier League last season from Cardiff City, Crystal Palace FC have been fined a maximum of £25,000, after it was decided that a club employee had broken league rules by obtaining information relating to the potential line-up of the Cardiff team prior to our meeting with them in April of 2014.

It was alleged that former Cardiff employee Iain Moody was given documents which gave away specific details of the tactics that had been worked on by the Bluebirds squad in the build-up to the game, with the intention of gaining an unfair advantage over our Welsh counterparts in the crucial hours before the game began.

The official statement from the Premier League in relation to the incident reads as follows:

The Premier League Board has considered a complaint from Cardiff City regarding the conduct of a Crystal Palace official. The Board found that Crystal Palace breached Rule B.16 and has exercised its summary jurisdiction and fined the club.”

Whilst initially, Cardiff had suggested that Palace should face a points deduction for their role in a supposed case of “spying” on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his players, it became quickly apparent that the eventual punishment, if indeed there was to be any at all, would be a fine and nothing more.

After seeing the case dragged out for almost four months, the club will be relieved to finally be able to put the matter to bed, having been forced to wait so long for a final ruling on the matter.

With the rather more pressing issue of finding a replacement for the departed Tony Pulis sure to be taking up every moment of the director’s time in the last few days, I would imagine the prospect of paying a £25,000 won’t even have caused the owners to bat a proverbial eyelid.

Somehow, I doubt Vincent Tan will take the news as calmly.

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