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Clyne Fee Agreed

The Nathaniel Clyne saga is finally over. Following a protracted period of negotiation between us and Southampton, it appears the two parties have now reached a mutually agreeable figure.

The fee, which remains undisclosed to the public, is likely to be close to £1.5 million. Given the fact that the initial bid made by Southampton was deemed far too low to accept by officials at the club, many believed that the figure was all but certain to be settled by powers outside of the two clubs control. Clearly though, Saints have had a change of heart over the amount they’re willing to part with to get the transfer completed quickly, giving everyone the opportunity to move on without the unknown headache of an independent tribunal hanging over them.

Speaking to the official site, Steve Parish had the following to say.

“Nathaniel has been an excellent servant of the club and one we worked very hard to keep but it was clear his desire was to move away and we certainly can’t complain about the service he’s given the club, I told him all he owes us now is to show the Premier League how good he is and make us even more proud of him.

“We are also very pleased to have worked constructively with Southampton to conclude the deal before it went to a tribunal. We are all working hard behind the scenes to strengthen the squad and will use the right investment to bring in new players as and when we are sure they are the correct acquisitions for this football club”.

With Joel Ward arriving to fill the gap left by Clyne, we will now be able to use the funds generated by the agreed fee to strengthen other areas of the squad, with strikers and central defenders topping Freedman’s list of priorities before the transfer window shuts in September.

I look forward to seeing Nate putting the vast majority of the Premier League’s left wingers in his pocket next season, it’s just a shame he couldn’t have got there with us.

Freedman Comfortable Over Clyne’s Compensation

With Nathaniel Clyne electing to join Southampton last week, the only thing left to resolve is the fee we will receive as a result of his departure.

Upon the news of his decision, there were at least five different figures being spoken about as the one the two clubs had settled on, with many believing that a mutually acceptable amount had been agreed between the separate parties. In fact, there has never been any hint of official news regarding a deal.

As it stands, Clyne has committed himself to Saints, whilst they have decided to pay whatever necessary to ensure that he is their player by the time the season begins. Whether the amount that they pay for him comes as a result of discussions with us directly or via tribunal is the only thing that remains uncertain.

Speaking after our 5-1 victory at Lewes on Friday evening, Dougie Freedman appeared relatively content regarding Nathaniel’s situation.

“Over the next 48 hours, we’ll know more. With the rules, Nathaniel can go and sign for somebody without having a leg to stand on.

Whether it’s a tribunal or we do a deal, we know the value of him, and if you look at the other right-backs in the country who play in the Premier League such as Micah Richards and Kyle Walker, we know their value.

So either way I think we’re quite comfortable however the deal gets done. The deal has been done but the outcome is not quite settled, but it will be by both chairman or by tribunal.”

Obviously, it is vitally important that the amount we eventually receive compensates us to an appropriate level but the longer this drags on, the more frustrating it is becoming. As Dougie says above, we know where we value him in relation to other Premier League right-backs and it’s fair to say that Southampton, given their desire to bring him in, believe he’s a player of great quality too. As I, and countless others have said in the last couple of months, with the extra exposure of playing every week in the top flight, Southampton could quite easily be trebling their investment on him in the next couple of years, making quibbles from them over as little as £300-400,000 seem somewhat tight-fisted.

Having started our pre-season fixtures, I doubt anyone at the club has a desire for the negotiations to continue much longer. There is obviously a worry that, should it go to a tribunal, we won’t get what we feel we are due, but given Freeman’s musings on the situation, I’d say we would be heading into the hearing with a pretty convincing argument as to why we deserve more than what is currently on the table.

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