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Could Safe Standing Be Set For A Return To Selhurst?

We may be spending the current campaign sampling the rarefied heights of the Premier League but it seems as if somewhat of a sea-change in opinion may be occurring within the Football League in our absence.

After a great deal of debate between those who matter, it seems as though safe standing may soon be cleared to return to the second tier of English football, with a number of clubs fully behind the proposals to reincorporate it into stadiums.

Currently, standing on terraces is permitted in the third tier and below, but following the implementation of safe standing areas in a number of foreign stadia, it seems as though the scepticism that has surrounded standing in high-profile arenas since the Hillsborough and Heysel disasters is beginning to soften.

The new proposals being put forward would see rail style seats, which can be flipped up or down depending on the individuals preference being attached to chest-high rails, similar to those seen in grounds all around Europe. Whilst there remains a stigma linked to terracing in its primitive form, this new option would eliminate the prospect of overcrowding, with each person being sold a seat in the same manner they are already, just with the added option of standing throughout instead of being forced to sit down.

With so many fans already flaunting the all-seater rules at games, particularly away from home, the potential for change will come as welcome news.

We may be enjoying our time in the top flight currently, but were we to fall into the Championship once again next season, this latest development would certainly give some of our fans a reason to be cheerful.

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