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PICTURE: The New Selhurst Park Pitch Looks Absolutely Beautiful

With the new Premier League season rapidly approaching, it’s fair to say that the Selhurst Park pitch looks in better shape than ever, thanks to investment in an all-new surface by the club’s owners.

After years of problems in SE25, Steve Parish and his fellow board members decided to engage the services of Desso Sports, whose GrassMaster pitches are thought to be the best option for anyone with enough money to spend.

Ideally, it will put an end to the troubles we’ve had to endure with the Selhurst surface in recent seasons, enabling Alan Pardew and his players to be a great deal more confident when returning to south London for their home games in the coming months.

After countless complaints from visiting teams, we now have a pitch to be proud of, as the image below proves. Let’s just hope that it still looks like that in mid-January, after the notoriously gloomy British winter has got its teeth stuck into it.


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Palace Confident That Selhurst Park Pitch Issues Are Behind Them

The renovation of Selhurst Park’s playing surface is now well underway, with a brand new pitch being laid before the new campaign begins at the start of August.

After numerous problems throughout last season, thought to be down in no small part to the installation of undersoil heating at the stadium prior to the 2014/15 campaign, the club have decided to plump for a new surface entirely, with synthetic fibres making up an element of the grass to ensure a more consistent feel.

Whilst many may think that the process for placing a new pitch is simple, head groundsman Gareth Read told official club site that it is indeed an extremely complex job, with the fibres needing to be stitched into the ground by hand, taking a little over two weeks to complete in total.

Although the original grass has been far from perfect, it will not be wasted, with the pitch set to be transferred to the Palace training ground, where it will be used for far longer than it managed at Selhurst.

With a far longer period for the new grass to bed in than it had last summer, we shouldn’t encounter anywhere near the same amount of problems this time around, after quite a few of our opponents complained about the standard of the pitch when they visited us, forcing the board to re-lay sections of it on numerous occasions.

Any further updates will be published on the site in due time.

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