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How Much Debt Are Crystal Palace In? Every Premier League Club Ranked

The sixth anniversary of CPFC2010’s deal to save Crystal Palace from extinction passed on Wednesday, and now, an independent report has looked into the club’s debt in direct comparison with the rest of the Premier League. 

This report ranks Crystal Palace’s overall debt against each and every one of their Premier League counterparts. Some of the figures are truly eye-watering. 

It is no secret that the Eagles have seen financial mismanagement play a huge role in their recent history, with two stints in administration over the last 20 years provoking a sense of genuine trepidation amongst our fan-base whenever our name is uttered in the same sentence as the word “debt”.

Since winning a place in the Premier League for the start of the 2013/14 season, Steve Parish and his fellow directors have remained admirably careful with the club’s overall budget, mainly as a consequence of a desire to remain on solid footing behind the scenes, but now, with the influx of American money offering an added sense of security, we may see our general budget increased heading into the impending summer transfer window. 

The table attached at the top of this article, which ranks each of our competitors in relation to their overall levels of debt, demonstrates the incredible amount of money many clubs are willing to risk for a shot at glory, making the sums we were recently plunged into administration over look positively pathetic by comparison. 

As is the case across each and every transfer window, supporters are desperate to see the board splash the cash on new arrivals this summer, but you can clearly see from the club’s occupying the fifth and third highest places on the league table of debt above; throwing vast sums of money after a bad idea isn’t always the best way to navigate your way through a crisis. 

It makes for a very interesting read. 

Mourinho Cites Palace’s Transfers As Proof That Chelsea Have It Tough

You regularly hear players and managers alike referring to the Premier League as the most competitive division in the world, with the money on offer to clubs allowing them to splash out on big name stars every summer without any fear over the financial fallout.

Now, with the new Premier League season just over a week away, Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has cited Yohan Cabaye’s move to Crystal Palace as proof that the Premier League is harder to win than ever before, given the quality that each and every one of the 20 teams in the top flight possess.

He said:

Yohan Cabaye at Crystal Palace, a player that left Newcastle two years ago to go to Paris Saint-Germain to get lots of money on a big transfer fee is coming to Crystal Palace.

‘The players that are going to Stoke; the players that are going to Everton; with the players that are going to every club in the Premier League it is getting much more difficult.’

‘In this moment it is different. Clearly, five teams can win the title. One of them will be champion, and one of them will not even qualify for the Champions League.

So two years ago, Manchester City were champions and Man Utd out of the Champions League. Last year Chelsea were champions and Liverpool were out of the Champions League. And next season somebody will be champions and somebody will be outside of the Champions League.’

Clearly, Mourinho isn’t putting clubs such as ourselves, Stoke and Everton into the title discussion, but with Chelsea one of five potential champions in his mind, he clearly feels that the weekly grind for points is getting more and more intense with every year that passes.

Whilst occasionally, English football fans could be rightly accused of becoming blissfully ignorant of the quality on show in Europe’s other top divisions, there is little doubt that the strength in depth of the Premier League does make it the most competitive gathering of teams the world over; down mainly to the financial clout that we can all wield in the market for new talent.

Palace fans the world over suggested that the signing of Yohan Cabaye was a watershed moment for our football club and clearly, the self-proclaimed Special One agrees with that prognosis. For the first time in decades, we appear to be being spoken about for all the right reasons.

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